Catalogue of the Greek Inscriptions from the National Museum in Warsaw Collection

The collection of Greek inscriptions in the National Museum in Warsaw consists of over 120 objects. They have been published in a catalogue prepared by A. Łajtar (Warsaw University, Department of Papyrology) and A. Twardecki (National Museum in Warsaw, Department of Classical Art) in September 2003. The catalogue was primarily prepared for publication in cooperation with the PETRAE program and thus it was written in French. Finally it was published independently.

The first version of an online database, a prelude to this project, contained only a list of inscriptions and detailed information about several objects. This website presents a digital reprint of the aforementioned catalogue and covers all of Greek inscriptions from the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw.

Technical notes:

  • Greek parts of the text are written with SGreek font (by Silver Mountain Software)
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